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Our professional experts provide detailed information about scholarship programs and support candidates in making the right choice and achieving maximum results.

  1. Examining Scholarships
  2. Collection of documents
  3. Preparation for the interview

One of the exclusive services we offer is applying for various scholarship programs.

Scholarships vary depending on the countries and universities. Available scholarship programs can be awarded according to the financial and social status of the candidates from their academic performance.

In the scholarships awarded in accordance with academic performance, they consider the candidate’s average score, international language proficiency certificate score, and letter of intent. Such scholarships are mainly regulated on the basis of competition between candidates. Students winning scholarship can also receive free education, accommodation, and financial aid in the form of money.

In addition, many private and some public universities offer tuition scholarships to candidates. In this regard, students can get certain discounts on annual tuition fees.  

Scholarships for financial and social status are provided not on the basis of the candidate's academic performance, but merely on the basis of financial and social status. Any candidate who is under certain social standards can apply for such scholarships. In such scholarship programs, candidates receive free education, free accommodation and meals, a transport card, health insurance and financial aid in the form of money from the state.

Providing detailed information about scholarship programs, our professional experts support candidates in making the right choice and achieving maximum results at a high level.  

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